Lwazi Khuzwayo Music

BA Music (UKZN)Vocal Director – Recording artist – Vocal Coach – Arranger – Crown Gospel Music Awards Nominee

Vocal Coaching

Beginner Level

Basic Vocal Technique: Teach breathing exercises, proper posture, vocal warm-ups, and basic vocal exercises to develop a strong foundation.

Pitch and Rhythm Training: Help students develop their pitch accuracy and rhythm skills through exercises and simple melodies.

Know Your Genre: Introduce students to basic concepts of your genre of music.

R600 per session

Intermediate Level:

Advanced Vocal Technique: Refine vocal technique, and work on vocal agility, range extension, dynamics, and tone quality.

Repertoire Building: Help students choose suitable jazz songs to work on, focusing on interpretation, phrasing, and improvisation.

Music Theory: Dive deeper into music theory concepts relevant to your genre of music, such as chord progressions, scales, modes, and harmony.

R700 per session

Advanced Level:

Performance Skills: Focus on stage presence, audience engagement, microphone technique, and advanced performance strategies.

Advanced Repertoire: Explore complex jazz standards, challenging arrangements, and the art of improvisation.

Musicality and Interpretation: Work on nuanced interpretation of songs, exploring different ways to express emotions and tell stories through music.

R800 per session